Your community

Tasmanian communities play a vital role in helping to prevent suicide.

Communities are not just defined geographically, they can be defined by industry or occupation; hobby or sporting code. They can be workplaces, schools or friendship groups.

What are the different communities you are a part of? Would you like to do more to support positive mental health and suicide prevention for any of your communities?

Creating a Community Action Plan

The TSPCN supports communities that have identified suicide as a risk factor for their community, to develop a Community Action Plan (CAP) to help address this risk.

CAPs aim to build the capacity of communities to act more decisively and effectively to prevent suicide in ways that best suit their particular community context.

A CAP provides a framework to guide efforts in suicide prevention, where a cohesive voice can often result in significant and positive outcomes.

If you are interested in developing a CAP for your community, please contact the Suicide Prevention Project Officers, by phone or emails as follows:

Phone: 1300 364 277